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Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Life is full of surprises and, more often than not in these pandemic days, they are not good ones. With the North East in an effective lockdown it is all too easy to think that the "new abnormal" will be around for ever.

True, we cannot be sure when Covid-19, like a malignant 'Mexican wave', will have run its course but until it does the plans and precautions, we put in place now will slow it in its tracks.

Twelve months ago no one had heard of Covid 19 and its just twelve months ago since we were asked to develop, support, and promote the Voise event where the City Council explained their hopes and plans for a vibrant VCS and City.

VCAS was asked to be part of a new Alliance for the City. Six months ago Covid 19 came to stay and today the City's Council presented another proposal for the sector that showed that VCAS 20/20 were no longer part of their Alliance.

Was it a shock? No.

Was it disappointing that the first we should hear of it was on a PowerPoint presentation? - of course.

But just like C19 if you prepare and make the right plans and precautions you can ride even the most malignant of waves! So when we look back in another 12 months the world will be a different place but VCAS 20/20 will still be here to help the VCS of Sunderland ride the next wave.

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