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 Voluntary and Community Action Sunderland 

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VCA Sunderland

Representing Sunderland's Voluntary Community Sector Since 1973

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Voluntary and Community Action Sunderland VCAS are dedicated to supporting, promoting and enabling a vibrant Voluntary Community Social Enterprise Sector (VCSE) in Sunderland. We are passionate about enable the VCSE sector in Sunderland to have the opportunity for representation and support at all levels. We aim to champion their needs and enable all those voluntary sector organisations that work in the City to be  more resilient and dynamic.


VCAS have been the trusted representation for an independent voluntary and community sector for over 50 years.  Our members are our foundation, we support through our membership over 365 VCSE sector organisations. As the local infrastructure organisation we are here to listen and respond to their needs, facilitating their growth, development and sound foundations.

A strong foundation is based on good practices, that build communities from the bottom -up


The sector's independence needs to be understood and valued, not just by stakeholders but by the voluntary sector itself. Voluntary organisations need to ensure and assert their values and independence.’


How VCAS support a more vibrant and diverse sector

Sector Support

A confident, skilled and knowledgeable VCSE Sector running projects and activities

Sector Collaboration

Supporting and facilitating Voluntary Community Organisations to network and collaborate for mutual benefit and greater impact across the city

Sector Strategy and Practice

Voluntary Community Organisations deliver high quality and inclusive services. Increase representation to improve  equity and equality across sector and the city.

Sector Influence 

A representative VCSE sector will  help to influence relevant policy and decision makers.

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