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Everyday People, Everyday Heroes

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Have you ever sat with a bunch of friends and discussed your top 10 records? The debate can go on for some time and, particularly if beverages are involved, it descends into everyone's lists being analysed and quibbling over who wrote which lyrics or played bass on the live version. For true aficionados, those over a certain age, the reminiscences can extend even to the particular hues of the 12-inch vinyl version. Desert Island disks made a whole show out of this: celebrities sharing their stories before being sent into isolation on a desert island.

Isolation, what does that remind me of? Thankfully, Covid - 19 has not touched me directly as yet. I can only imagine the fear of those going into hospital, the worry of families unable to see their loved ones. I can only imagine the sadness and frustration of those who have lost a wife, husband, mother, father or a child. Grief; I understand well but, like a list of favourite records, it's uniquely personal too. Yesterday, at the time of writing, we found out that my partner’s brother, returning from retirement to help the NHS in Edinburgh, now awaits a Covid - 19 test result having shown the tell-tale symptoms. However, as well as the fear, frustration and grief there is pride. Pride in the staff of the NHS putting themselves in harms way, Pride in the VCS of Sunderland, stepping up to make sure that members of the community are safe and well, Pride in the funders who have recognised that the sector needs urgent financial support in these unprecedented times.

The world got a bit darker and humanity got a lot brighter.

So a big, big, thank you to you, every last one of you because when people work together for the benefit of others then we shed a very bright light on what binds us and makes us human. What? My top 10 records?? I'll not bore you with them all but my number one is by David Bowie - "We can be Heroes / for ever and ever / What d'you say?" So if your group is hard at work and you need access to urgent funding please don’t forget that if you haven’t done so in the last 12 months, you still have time to apply for WCDT Grants of up to £1000 through VCAS – not the biggest pot in the world but every little bit helps!

Oh, and you may have noticed that we have recently changed our logo - love to get your feedback!

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